Chiang Mai cost of living for digital nomads

Planning a trip to Chiang Mai? Considering staying for a couple of months? You’ve probably read dozens of “Chiang Mai cost of living” blog posts, but I rarely saw any with real detailed information. So after spending 6 months in Chiang Mai, I decided to put up a spreadsheet showing a typical month of my life here, with details of all expenses. This is just a month of non-tourist living (meaning, no tourist attractions like excursions, museums, etc), but eating out every day, except for some breakfast which I took in my room with stuff bought either from the supermarket or street markets. It’s well known that street food is very cheap in Thailand, you can have a basic meal for about u$1, or about u$3 if you’re really hungry! Western food is expensive, but I just can’t live without pizza and pasta at least twice a week… And beer, of course, is present in this spreadsheet more than once. I made this spreadsheet in April 2015, meaning that the exchange rate was different (about u$1=THB 31, as opposed to the current exchange rate of u$1=THB 35), so the total for this spreadsheet comes to around u$820.

Kao Soi, my favorite! You can taste this typical northern thai dish for less than u$2


So, here goes the spreadsheet of a month of slow life, eating out every day, working from coffee shops, walking all the time (it’s not a big city so it’s very walkable if you are in a convenient location), without making any sacrifices (meaning, I could go for a beer or two, or three, as often as I wanted, have western food whenever I had a craving for pizza, spaghetti, tacos or indian curries). This includes rent for a month plus utilities, in a very quiet and convenient location, near the fancy Nimman area and the Old City.


SPREADSHEET – Chiang Mai Living Cost April 2015


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